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Using inquiry and problem-solving approaches, these learning experiences build upon students’ interests, support curricula, literacy and numeracy and foster children’s skill development.

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I Wonder What Types Of Objects Float In Water

Students predict what types of objects float and sink in water and then create a plan to test and record their predictions.


I Wonder How Animals Change As They Grow

Students classify & organize and compare & contrast the life cycles of different animals including humans.


I Wonder If All Baby Animals Are The Same

Students compare & contrast how baby animals differ from their parents.


I Wonder How Objects And Organisms Move

Students observe moving objects and organisms and present their ideas about these movements using appropriate vocabulary.


I Wonder If Objects Look the Same From All Angles

Students predict, describe and sketch the shapes of regular and irregular objects from various positions.


I Wonder How To Move An Object

Students explore the forces of push and pull on objects and classify & organize and compare & contrast movements using their observations.


I Wonder How To Design And Build A Roller Coaster

Students work collaboratively to design and build a roller coaster prototype that meets specific design criteria.



6 images of some work that a dietitian might do such as educating patients about how food affects their health

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